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This section contains Dr. Michael's news bulletins as well as other documents pertaining to nutrition, excercise and more. All of these documents may be downloaded in PDF format for free. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you may download it HERE.

Dr. Michael's News Bulletins
Pacific Rim News Letter 1 - Lacto-fermentation (not yet available in English)
Pacific Rim News Letter 2 - ¿Butter or Margarine?
Pacific Rim News Letter 3 - Weston A. Price Foundation in Coyhaique
Pacific Rim News Letter 4 - Healthy Children
Pacific Rim News Letter 5 - Stress and the Adrenals
Pacific Rim News Letter 6 - Cholesterol
Pacific Rim News Letter 7 - Treating Cancer with Food
Tratamiento de Hielo (5 Horas)
Sacroiliac Belt (Buy it here)
Nutrition & Recipes
Eat Right
Almond - Rice Milk
Kidney recipes (for adrenals) - in Spanish
Cod Liver Oil and other nutrient dense foods (ie, coconut oil). (click for more information)
Why Butter Is Better
Soy Alert!
Cod Liver Oil
All About Trans Fats
A Campaign for Real Milk
Myths & Truths about Cholesterol
Coconut Oil (1)
Coconut Oil (2)
Healthy 4 Life 2011
General Health
Ileocecal Valve Health
Abnormal Flora
Chest Stretches
Cervical Isometrics Excercises
Home Neck Mobilization
Cervical Stretches
Deep Neck Flexors Excercise