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This winter while I was in the US, I discovered a podiatrist (medical doctor  that specializes in feet) in Portland  Oregon who had created a system to assist in halgas valgus (misaligned toes and flat feet).  Correct toes are designed to help with bunions, halgus valgus, foot pain, hammer toes etc.  Our feet were designed to have the earth meet them and support our arches as we walk, but today  this does not happen because we wear shoes. For more information about correct toes, CLICK HERE


Some fashion shoes pinch our toes, and do not give support to the feet, with the result that after time our arch drops and our bio-mechanical action of the walking foot (heel strike, mid stance, and toe off) is altered.  Eventually, this results in deformity, pain in the knees, foot, back and neck and may lead to the need for surgery. There are also a heredity factors to consider that might make a person more likely to suffer from such problems.
How do we know if our shoes fit our feet correctly?

Take the insole out of the shoe and place it on the ground.  Place your naked foot, with your toes spread apart as much as possible, over the insole.  If the toes fall outside of the insole these shoes are too small in the toe box for your feet.  If your foot is already deformed and the big toe drifts laterally you will have to hold that toe in a straight line with the medial (inside) portion of the foot.

correct toes

In the future if you have a pair of “correct toes” then you do the same technique mentioned above but wearing your correct toes before purchasing any shoe.  Your toes need room to wiggle and they will be much happier.   The only shoe I have seen that fits this configuration is called the “CROC”.  You don’t need to buy the brand name to get a good shoe.
Those stylish pointed high heels “tacos” or high heeled boots are the worst thing bio-mechanically for your feet, back and neck , not to mention the fact that it creates a very unstable situation for your ankles.

Footleveler's spinal postural stabilizer orthotics.

We use their Associate Platinum electronic scanner to examine your feet and each foot’s 3 arches, show you a color photo of your feet where your may have issues that could affect the rest of your body, and then recommend Stabilizers made just for you from 16 specific measurements!

o The digital foot scanner makes sure your feet are symmetrical and balanced.
o Learn about the 3 foot arches and the role they play in spinal stability.
o Discover if you will benefit from custom-made Stabilizing Orthotics.


After Dr. Michael has examined and discussed with you the right orthotic, you would make the bank transfer to the following account:

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Checking Account / Cuenta Corriente: 64068552

Name: Ann Oldham Michael

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Once your transfer has been confirmed, your purchase will be shipped.

Once the transfer has been confirmed your order will be shipped.