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Pacific Rim treats all types of sports injuries, back, neck and head pain, lower back pain, escoliosis, sprains, stress y more.


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Your First Treatment with Dr. Michael

After a complete History and Exam, Dr. Michael will sit down with you and explain what she believes is your problem from a chiropractic reference. She will at that time confirm whether or not you are a candidate for chiropractic care. Then, she will tell you how she intends to help your situation, how long your acute phase will take and the cost of care.

Dr. Michael is dedicated to helping relieve subluxations, balancing your nervous system and helping you learn how to take better care of yourself. You may be required to put on a treatment gown so we can access your areas of complaint for your adjustment, physical therapy or massage. Or, you may need to bring a pair of shorts to wear during your treatment if your problem is with a lower extermity.

We treat symptoms of dysfunction in the stomach, gall bladder, colon/digestion, female organs, lungs, pancreas, adrenal and stress (which can cause all sorts of physical problems)

Services y Methods Used During Phases of Care

Your treatment may incorporate a variety of services and methods depending upon the requirements of each case. The most common treatments include the following (click on each to open a description).


A form of physical therapy which, through the transmission of ultrasonic waves, penetrates the deep tissue and augments the healing process by stimulating the reproduction of cells and reducing swelling and muscle tension.


All chemical and hormones necessary for life and health are made normally by the body and prescribed by the brain in the most exacting manner. Due to its importance the brain and spinal cord are protected by bone, the spine and cranium. Cranial corrections enhance the healing of many musculo-skeleto and internal complaints.


Chiropractic adjustments help balance hormonal changes related to female menstruation.


Many painful conditions such as headaches, back pain and neck pain can be treated effectively through chiropractic care without using drugs or surgery.


We have another device to assist your healing, an Impulse adjuster. It is similar to the “Activator” I use, only better.

Born Out of More Than a Decade of Research and Engineering, The Impulse Adjusting Instrument Features NewWave Technology Tuned in to the Natural Frequency of the Body, Resulting in More Efficient and Effective Chiropractic Adjustments.


A low frequency alpha wave (alpha waves are natural wave lengths of the brain) that is known to calm the nerves, assist in sleep disorders, anxiety, fibromalgia and chronic fatigue.


Awareness of how the mind contributes to your overall health is part of our wellness philosophy.




latent virus bacterialinfections

Assisting reading disabilities


This application is a unique product including the best condition based 3D animation video library and the most complete rehab exercises tool available to the patient.

Patients are educated about their specific condition and the required exercises for proper rehabilitation. This program is complete and so easy to use, it improves patients’ understanding.

I now have the ability to show you on a computer a 3D view of your specific problem with some rehabilitative exercises that I will soon be able email directly to you.


Your feet are the foundation of your body. They support you when you stand, walk, or run. And they help protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from damaging stress as you move around. Your feet perform better when all their muscles, arches, and bones are in their ideal stable positions.