Headache Treatments

woman with head pain

Head Pain is not something you have to live with

Dr Michael, is a Certified Craniopath and has learned very specific cranial adjustments, which provide gentle and effective treatment for Headaches, Jaw Pain, TMJ, and other Cranial Issues.
The Cranium houses the Brain which is your control center for 80% of all neurological and hormonal activity.

Cranial balancing and removing interference of the Cerebral spinal fluid flow can help assist the healing of many different ailments.

Dr Michael uses muscle release and cranial adjustment to relieve TMJ pain, Jaw Popping and Headaches.

Do you wake up in the morning with a headache?

Headache does not mean you're deficient of aspirin, Dr Michael can help you explore the cause of your head pain. 

Dr Michael can use a Erchonia cold level laser as part of her treatment plan for you

Get Out Of Pain Now

You don't have to "live with it."  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ann Michael today
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