Pregnancy and PostNatal Issues

Woman with new born

Help is available for pregnancy and postnatal issues

Dr Michael delights when assisting future and new moms. She recommends monthly prenatal visits until the last month of pregnancy then more frequent visits for that last month. She endeavors to discover optimum nutrition for mothers- to- be and lactating moms. 

Dr. Michael is skilled and experienced in alleviating pre and post natal structural pain, nursing issues, stomach pain, and constipation.
Prenatal-loose ligaments due to pregnancy hormones can cause pain in the neck, back or extremities.

Stomach pain can be helped by very gentle mobilization of the baby and adjusting the mom's diet.

Research reports that consistent chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy can result in a 25% faster delivery time.
Postpartum pain in the wrist, mid-back. low-back and elbows can be a result of the hormone relaxin and/ or postural strain when holding that new baby.

Latching on correctly - any cranial dysfunction from the birthing process can cause a problem in effectively ‘latching on". Dr Michael performs very gentle cranial adjustments to assist your baby.

Dr Michael can use a Erchonia cold level laser as part of her treatment plan for you.

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