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Dr. Michael has extensive experience in treating many conditions including Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Lower Back Pain, Migraines, TMJ, Pregnancy related issues and much more.  After taking a history and performing an exam we may recommend diagnostic studies which could involve lab tests, x-rays or MRI. We use Applied Kinesiology muscle testing to assist in evaluating various complaints. Treatment can consist of mobilization of joints, soft tissue manipulation, muscle testing, cold low level laser and healthy living suggestions.  See our Patients page for details of your first visit. Continued care is provided including rehabilitation exercises, home care instructions, nutritional support, labs, and lifestyle counseling.
Conditions Addressed

Lower Body

Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Numbness and Tingling  

Head Pain

Headaches, Jaw Pain, TMJ. and Cranial Issues


We treat Visceral Discomfort including symptoms in the Stomach, Gallbladder, Colon/Digestion, Female Organs, Lungs, Pancreas, and Adrenals


Numbness, Tingling, Weakness, Cold and  Burning Sensations

Lab Tests

GI Comprehensive Profile, SIBO, Dutch Advanced Male and Female Hormone Test, Adrenal Stress Test, Food, Airborne and Spice Sensitivity Testing, Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Cross Reactive, Array 5 Autoimmune Test
Laboratories we frequently use:


Genova Diagnostics

Precision Analytical Inc

Featured Treatments

diagram of results of foot pronation

Foot Levelers

Your feet could be causing your back pain.

I use Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics to correct the problem.  All parts of your body are linked together and your feet are the foundation of your body's structure. That is why it is crucial to have proper foot support.

When the vast majority  of people walk, their foot rolls in. It's natural and it's called pronation. Pronation becomes a problem when it becomes excessive. 

When you overpronate, the rest of your body begins to suffer. This includes pain in the knee, hip and back.

The foundation provided by the feet and legs must bear the weight of the entire body. If there is insufficient or inadequate support from your feet, the spine will be exposed to abnormal stress which may eventually develop into low back pain.

If this treatment is correct for your individual case I take a foot impression which is sent to Foot Levelers to create your custom stabilizing Orthotic Foot Leveler.
Image of the underside of a foot showing over pronation.
Foot Levelers Logo
Several Foot Levelers Orthotic Inserts

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